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Straight from Hong Kong. Best in LA.

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Chef's Specialties 👨‍🍳


Soups 🍲

Seafood 🌊


Beef and Pork

Vegetables 🥦

Soft Noodle (Chow Mien) 🍜

(Noodle Soup also available upon request)

Pan-Fried Noodle/Rice Noodle 🥢

Crispy Noodle!

Kung Pao Chow Mien

Fried Rice 🍘

Curry 🍛



Gourmet Dinner Specials

Minimum Order for Two or more People

Catering menu

For 20 people or more

Banquet Menu 🍽

For 10 Persons per table. The Banquet Menu includes Tea and Fortune Cookies. Sales Tax and 17% of service charge will be added.